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Program Loops Forever default Setting


By default, any Program that is created is configured “Program Loops Forever” which in most of our Applications doesn’t make Sense because there is almost always a human interaction - e.g. a user that pushes a button to start the Program after changing workpieces etc.

So it would be nice if this default Setting is configurable in the Installation Tab. Thererefore, we don’t have to advise our URCap Users to always remind to set it to False manually :wink:


I agree, making this option configurable would be incredibly helpful!


I would disagree about setting to false as default. In all the applications we have written, it is very rare that we need it set to false and when we do, we handle when we want the program to stop running by issuing a halt. Even with human interaction at the end of each cycle it’s rare that we want the program to stop running, rather wait for a human to give an input and then loop back to the beginning and start all over. If the program had to restart each time it would go through all of the before start initialization every single cycle versus just once. Part of our programs before start for each of the applications is a homing routine, so the customers would need to hone the robot after every cycle which does not make sense.

Most of our applications have some sort of feed system do that the robot can run at least a few parts without needing an operator to come intervene, some can run for several hours making a part every 15 seconds, some are fed by conveyor directly from other processes and theoretically could run for days if there were not process stops.

I would say in most of the applications we have worked on both at Hirebotics and previously at SFEG, it is very rare that we would want the default behavior be that the program cycles only once and then stops. I am interested to hear from others on their experience, maybe we are in the minority of users of the system.

@mbush thank you for the explanation. I think making it configurable would be the best option for all of us :slight_smile:

If the application is so that you dont want repeating loops, it usually is quite destructive to repeat the program.
I’ve written multiple applications with and without continued looping. Generally (from a safety perspective) having to do an action to get a system to do something, particularly if it’s a one time action during programming, is better than having to do an action to get a system to stop doing something. More often than not with a new program my heart skipped a beat while I was scrambling to get to the stop button, somehow I keep forgetting to set it to FALSE.

I would be way more comfortable with the setting being default FALSE, but having the option to set the default behaviour would be perfect!