How to stop palletizing program from looping?

How do I stop a palletizing and depalletizing program to stop looping?

Pallet is (8x4). Is there a way to make the program halt/finish on the 32nd count?

Are you talking about the whole program? If you click on “Robot Program” in the Program Tab, there should be a checkbox that says “Program Loops Forever” which you will want to uncheck so that it stops at the end.

If you set up the Pallet function to palletize/depalletize 8x4 (=32), then you can use the built-in function to add commands after the palletizing is finished. It’s a function you can enable in the Pallet settings.
There’s one for before palletizing and one for after palletizing. :slight_smile: Then you can set it up to do, whatever you want. Like Halt or something.

I am using the palletizing wizard a lot. The programm starts with a “wait until Digital Input = high”. The programm runs in an endless loop.
So I have to press a button, to start the palletizing.


Take a Variable and Increment it with one, If variable became 32, just add the Halt/popup Command. Hope this may help your issue.