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Problem with plane

I have created the below plane

In the script plane is written as p[-0.6271267633975325,-0.2334469065559606,0.7395722520063815,0.04100748901117013,1.5812879442196548,-0.04108451531028778]
PRY[rad] -3.111, 1.56, 3.12 and 0.0410, 1.581, -0.041 the same plane. However, if I write a plane in the script as p[-0.6271267633975325,-0.2334469065559606,0.7395722520063815, -3.111, 1.56, 3.12] then the robot reacts incorrectly. Why?

That’s because what you see on that screen is in RPY form (the rotations) and what the URcontrol engine expects when using script is rotation vector form. There is a function in urscript manual called rpy2rotvec() that will do the conversion for you.