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Feature Variable script name with special charactes

I am working on a URCap that uses the Features and I generate move commands that use them. I use the name in the command instead of extracting the pose because the script looks nicer and it is easier to debug later. However, there is an issue with this approach when special characters are used, such as chinese characters.
If my feature is name Plane_中文 then in the scripts it would show up as
movep(pose_trans(Plane_123t中文, ....
This does not work because the variable is actually defined as
and I get an error because my variable is not defined.

Is there a way to get the same name that Polyscope generates? The problem is, most likely, that I use the getDisplayName() method, but this is the only option that I can find.
I could also make generate the UTF code myself, but that could lead to issues if there happens to be a case where the numbers don’t match exactly.

As a last resort, I will extract the pose and insert it directly in the script.

Thank you!