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Planned straight line my path with movep

I have planned straight line path with movep using urcap generateScript method. I sent script movep commands for every 1 mm. My algorithm is below.



My question is at the final pose sudden stop happening. How can I handle with it?

Note: When I use just 4 movep command for same path, through last point motion it is good and soft. However, I need to do precise motion for my application type. Until this day, I have used servoj and it makes lagging during path. I also thought about speedl and speedj, they are not seem to me good for complex paths.

Hi @mdonmez,

If you are having the waypoints with 1mm distance. You are forcing the robot to stop (accelerating/decelerating from the move speed to 0) within 2mm.
To avoid it you can plan do decrease the speed at some of the last waypoints on your path. Or you can move the finalpose away from the middleNpose. Then the robot will have the option to accelerate/decelerate with the given value.


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