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Move along a path without stopping at each point


for a search move i have created a helix like path. Right now I use small increments and the robot moves to the desired points. It would be better if the robot didn´t accelerate, move with constant speed and the deccelerate again for such small increments. Is there any command that can do this?
Up to now I found speedl(…) and speedj(…) but I think that won´t work correct because the path is a “curved” path.

The small black circles should indicate the “keypoints”, these are e.g. with a increment of 45degrees, just for explanation. In Reality they should be very small of course.

The keypoints are calculated using a conversion from polar coordinates to cartesian coordinates.
The formula r = factor * angle (in polar coordinates) gives a helix path. See “Archimedean spiral”

Consider adding a convenient blend radius to the positions, as the robot will then not stop, but instead blend past the positions.
Alternatively, look at the MoveP/CircleMove command, as they are designed for maintaining a constant TCP speed throughout the movement.

Ok, with the MoveP command it works fine. Thanks for the quick reply.