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Plane/Base Offset Issue

I would like to offset the program in X, Y and Z which works fine when transforming the BASE_VAR.

The problem comes in when modifying that point while in the offset position, it then references back to BASE and not BASE_VAR, which adds the offset to my coordinates.

See example description below:

  • Step 1: BASE_VAR(X = 0) and WP(X=20)
  • Step 2: Change to BASE_VAR(X = 20) and WP(X=20), robot then moves to offset position.
  • Step 3: Modify WP(X=20) without moving robot, so it should stay 20, but it changes to 40 because it references
    to BASE and BASE_VAR(X=20)

The other problem is when I move to the position using the “MOVE HERE” button, it references the BASE and not the BASE_VAR.

Is there a solution for this.