Placing an item in a rack

I have a rack that has 34 slots on it to hold a product. Wondering what the best way to repeat this step would be? It would load from the bottom. The gap between each slot is 25mm.

Use the Pallet wizard and make a Line. :slight_smile:
Here, you can set the start and end positions, and then the robot can automatically calculate each position inbetween and repeat a sequence for each position (including start and end, of course).

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I have attached some pictures.

I’m struggling to figure out how to use the pallet feature to help me fill the rack

the process will loop 34 times. So it will complete one cycle and put it the trolley then next time needs to move up one etc.

That’s exactly what the Palletize function is for. :slight_smile:

  1. Insert the Pallet template
  2. Set it up for Line
  3. Grab a part with the robot and move the part into its first position in the trolley. This is your StartItem (set it here)
  4. Do the same for the last position. This is your EndItem (set it here)
  5. In Line_Pattern you set up number of positions inbetween the start and end (including start and end)
  6. Set up Layers
  7. Run through the At Each Iteam wizard. Read what it says at each stage, and you should be alright.
    7.1 Approach is the position in front of trolley before moving into the trolley
    7.2 Exit is away from part after it’s released
  8. Set up ToolAction to let go of part