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Palletizing subprogram gives error when clicked on 'Keep subprogram updated'

Hello everyone, I am currently facing a problem with subprogram.

When I click on ‘Keep Subprogram File Updated With this Program’ and then save and close the main program. And again when I open the main program. It shows yellow nodes with that subprogram. This error is ONLY happening with the subprograms which involve palletizing. And when I try to run the program it shows the error as shown in the image attached.

I have not been able to understand why is this happening. Please help me out. Thank you!

It’s happening because something on the screen is not being saved/instantiated correctly by Java. So it tries to reference it in some way, for example to display the component, but it doesn’t exist. “NullPointer” means an object is trying to be used without it existing, essentially. Likely nothing you can do about it. This is on UR to fix. If you can detail a step by step process for re-creating this, that might help UR isolate the problem quicker.