Palletizing stops after one pallet item. How do I get it to stop after all items are palletized?

In this application, I have the program depalletize an item, move it to a waypoint, then palletize it back. (Note: Pallet is 8x4 = 32)

I want the program to halt and popup a message AFTER the 32nd pallet item. However, the only options I see is to add an action after the palletizing.

The problem with this is the added action after palletizing, the action occurs after the first item palletized and not the the 32nd item.

How can do I get the program to finish the pallet template before adding an action?

Thanks in advance!

So, from your question, I’m unsure whether you have found the option to actually add an action after end of palletizing, or you’re adding actions after the palletizing sequence.

There’s an option in the Pallet command, which enables either actions to be added before palletizing or after palletizing. Enabling this will open up a new branch of the Pallet command, where you can add actions that are executed when all items have been palletized. :slight_smile:
If you are actually referring to this yourself, and it is causing you issues, then there’s probably something wrong with the setup of your Pallet, because it has always worked AFAIK. :slight_smile: