Ordering a list

In regards to sorting algorithms:

I am trying to sort a list of numbers in descending order, and keep track of what order the items were in.

List1=[0.1, 2.3, 0.7, -0.5] and consists of entry elements [0,1,2,3] (I will call this Array1).
Once sorted in descending order, List2=[2.3,0.7,0.1,-0.5] with the entries ordered as [1,2,0,4] (I will call this Array2).

While List2 is good to have, I am particularly interested in knowing the order of the entries (Array2). My list is paired to a larger data set, and knowing the order will allow me to access the data set in desired order using the entry indexes.

I haven’t found any sorting algorithms in the UR teach pendant interface. Is there a bubble sort function hidden somewhere, or do I need to write it myself?