Operate the "Start/Forward/Stop" Buttons from PLC


I was wondering if it is possible to control following buttons directly from a PLC:


For example, when the robot stopps (for any reason) I have to get to the Robot HMI to press the “continue” button again.

Is there any possibility to read out the status of the robot and in case of a stopp, to send it at signal from PLC to start again (instead of clicking that button on the Robot HMI)?

Kind regards from Luxembourg

Search for “dashboard server” in forum, and support site.
There is also option to configure Input/Output actions in I/O installation settings.

You must also enable Remote Control mode under the system settings of the hamburger menu.

Once remote control is enabled, you can use digital IO, or the Boolean registers to start the robot program. Stop and Pause signals work regardless.

You can read more about Remote Control operation in the user manual.


thanks for your feedback.

In between I found a solution that fits for me.

For a simple pick n place operation I did:

Go to “Prepick Position”

Now i have a “Loop” (Loop as long as Variable1 = false)
When the Robot goes down to its Pick-Pos, i have added 2 Stoppconditions.

No.1: Robot has reached the Position (Set Variable1 “True”)
No.2: Robot detects contact. (Set Variable1 “False”)

If the Robot detects contact, I send a Bit to my PLC (A PopUp at my PLC appears)
Here the Operater has 1 Button.
So basically when a crash happens, the robot will stop (no safety stop),
Operator can press that button on HMI and the Robot will try to pick again.

Once the robot has gripped the part the programm routine goes on…