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OEM Control Box heat dissipation

Hi all!

We are trying to move to the OEM version of the control box, and place it inside an electric panel.

My concern is the heat dissipation/ventilation. The rest of the elements of the panel are not dissipating. The only element dissipating heat is the OEM.

  1. It is compulsory to place a fan or a rack/grill? Which one (fan or rack/grill)?

  2. Should this fan/rack be placed in the green zone? Could it be placed in the blue zone? See attached figure.


Could anyone give me a tip?

Eventually, will it affect if we place the OEM rotated 180º or 90º to the right?

PS: I notice that the OEM control box has already an embedded fan .

Thanks in advance,

We have mounted a lot of UR controllers in electrical cabinets. When we have, we take the controller out of the existing UR case and then mount it in the control cabinet. We always use either the fan supplied (e-series) or a Rittal fan placed where you have indicated with the green zone. If we have no other heat-dissipating elements we will install just a vent on the opposite wall. If we have other heat-dissipating elements we will either install a second fan on the left side or we will install a pull fan on the far side. This way we can ensure we get the best heat removal. We also place the controller near the bottom of the cabinet with the exhaust vent on the upper portion of the cabinet and the fan on the lower portion. This ensures the heat rises away from the controller. This also allowed us to place any robot cable connections on the bottom of the cabinet.

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@mbush We are planning to take two of our control boxes out of their existing cases (e-Series and CB3) to place them in an electric cabinet.
is it a straightforward operation? do you have any advice in this regard?
Now we are buying the OEM control boxes from UR right away.

We found it to be very straightforward. The hardest part was probably relocating the fans into the enclosure. Also, on the CB3 the teach pendant has a weird way that you need to install and lock it into the bottom of the cabinet. UR uses the foot on the CB3 control cabinet to achieve this. We had a 2 piece plate laser cut that we used to achieve the same thing. Otherwise, they are pretty easy to remove and mount in an enclosure.

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