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Controlbox controller removal

I’m designing a controlbox for a CB3 controller.
I want to remove it from of the existing controlbox but can’t find any information.

To give you an idea, got to the ur+ section and search for the “robin ebox” from siemens
I want something like that but personalised. Dont need the plc, so many fuses and other stuff.

My questions
Can i safely remove the controller?
If yes, how, is there a manual?
Does it void the warranty?

Hi @kevin.koenders ,

If you have not had a UR standard controller, you could look at the OEM version of UR controller.

The OEM version means that it does not have its standard cabinet but the controller set.

Currently, there are both OEM-AC and OEM DC version for the e-series robots to choose based on your need but only OEM-AC version for CB3 robots.

One thing you need to pay attention to is if you removed or modified the standard version of robot controller yourself, you could void the warranty of this robot.