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"No Route to Host" with XML-RPC example (solved)

I am currently trying to make the XML-RPC communication example (XML-RPC communication - 16326) work, but I am getting stuck at the camera.get_next_pose() line with a “No route to host error” and I am not sure if am missing something very obvious here.

  • I changed the IP-address in the UR-example program to the one of my server

  • I made sure that port 50000 on my server pc is open in the firewall

  • I can reach the server from another PC in the same network via

  • the ethernet plug is connected and blinking

  • I can see the UR-PC is connected to my Fritz.box (it does not acquire an IP address, not sure if that is expected behavior)

  • I just checked the “about” screen in URSoftware and there is says its own IP address is - does that mean that it is in a different subnet?

Any tips?

I found the solution - I was indeed missing something obvious:

The network settings in URProgram were set to “static”. After changing it to DHCP the robot is on the same subnet and now the connection works.


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