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Network Discovery of UR5

Anybody has done the automatic network discovery of UR before. In the way that the IP of UR can be discovered and used for connection from a client automatically.

My UR5 is CB3


Not done specificaly on Ur but generaly on linux:

installation of Bonjour protocol service on linux : sudo apt-get install libns-mdns

After that for my Windows Pc a ping to the Ur linux name is OK … but not sure it’s OK by default on all Windows Pc (for me since Opc Ua discovery Server is installed, the Bonjour service is activated).

Discovery can be done programmaticaly on the client side by sending a request on the multicast @ on the UDP port 5353.

Of course the name of Ur linux should be known in advance.


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Thanks for reply.

So I guess if I wanna setup auto network discovery between a linux and UR control box (which is linux too) .
I have to install Bonjour on both side at least?

Yes both side should be configured for that.

Seems to be already installed on Ubuntu by default (zeroconf service) : trys a ping to name.local from one Pc to another one (name is the linux name).


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