Need help on a basic python script that moves the robot through joint movements


I’m currently trying to make the UR10 robot move through ROS2 and I need help doing it. Current setup:

  • Ubuntu Linux - Jammy Jellyfish (22.04)

  • ROS2 Rolling Ridley

  • Universal Robots ROS2 Driver (Installed & working)

What I want to achieve: A python script that has the six angle values of the robot (entered manually). Those angles get send to the robot and the robot moves to them through a joint movement. Just a very bare bones script.

I can’t find any documentation or just an example script for this type of stuff. Also I’m not a professional ROS/ Linux user. So please explain like I’m just new. Do you guys have anything for me?

Thank you for helping me!

For testing purposes I once created this one:

I hope, that helps you getting started.

Thank you, this is exactly what I needed!

@mauch Is it possible to give me the Linux command for activating this script? I’m still a ROS2 beginner.