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Naming of Installation Variables

Hi there,

is it possible to rename Installation variables?
Our Program was made by an external and he gave some weird names.


I believe I ran into this in the past and when you go to “edit” the installation variable it grays out the name and only allows you to change value.

Not sure if this will work and kind of shooting from the hip here so someone else may have to answer your question.

If program was built on the pendant try:
a. create new installation variable with proper name
b. go to programming tab
c. check if writing to the installation variable is done using an “assignment” (see format below, should look something like this)


d. select the node then go to the command window on the right where you can rename the variable
e. use the dropdown menu to find the new installation variable you made
** Note: Normally changing/renaming ONE assignment called several times within a program and is defined with the same NAME links the name to the rest of them so you don’t have to change all of them.**

Check to see if it changes other calls to that weird variable in the program and if it’s updated to the new installation variable.


If this doesn’t work, you might have to manually change everything to new variable. That’s all I got for now, maybe someone else in the UR community might have a better solution.

Hope that helps, and best of luck!

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