My robot is not moving where it should in run mode

I am depalletizing slugs to load in a lathe. It is a proven program that I am running. the only thing I changed was the orientation of the hand to pick up the slugs. I rotated the hand 90 degrees and re-established the 4 corners of the rack configuration. If I manually select any of the four corners and tell it to move here, it moves correctly with the hand at the 90 orientation I need. When put the program in run mode the robot moves to the first corner, but the hand orientates back to the original position and the location of the robot is off as well?

Check that the TCP used to program your new points was set as the active TCP at that part of the program. What I mean is, you may be programmatically changing TCPs (such as TCP with a part vs without a part). If the TCP that was set as active when you programmed the part than it would be when running that line of code, things will get screwy