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Multiple waypoints commanded using RTDE interface

Hi all, I’m new to the using the UR robots and I’m trying to program some robot behavior through the RTDE interface. I have used the examples to figure out how to read and set the register values as well as get the robot moving using the values written to the registers.

I would now like to try and move the robot through a series of waypoints with a blend radius between each one. Looking at the available input registers, I see that there are only 48 doubles available. Given that each waypoint requires 6 doubles there is only space for 8 pose variables on the controller registers. Does this mean that I can only have the robot move to a maximum of 6 positions before having to stop completely or would there be some way to increase that number.

I was wondering if it would be possible to set something up so that I could reuse some of the registers to make it go through more than 8 positions. Some sort of FIFO where I could update some of the registers as it is running and loop back to see the newly updated positions. For all these intermediate positions it would be doing a blended move and then for the last one it would do a “stop at this point.”

As a side note, I have been able to achieve this functionality by formatting and sending a multi-line command over the 30001 port but I am hoping to do this through the RTDE interface because I’ve been told it is the more robust way to control the robot.

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i think using XML-RPC with a daemon is more suitable for your application :wink:

Thanks for the speedy reply!
Sounds like what I’m trying to setup isn’t a typical use case of RTDE! I’m going to stick with the multiline commands over the primary client interface for now since I already have that implemented but will take a look at XML-RPC in the future.