Multiple loops from different sub programs

Hi all,

I have two different subprograms, each with a single loop in them, that I am trying to call in my main program. However, every time I open my main program, I get this popup message regardless of what I select:

I imagine that in the background both loops are named “Loop_1” since they are the only loop in each subprogram and this is what’s causing the message to pop up.

Does anyone know a way that I can change their names or another method of preventing this popup every time I open my main program?

I would just modify one of your subprograms to have a different loop variable name.

I think when you click the node it lets you specify what variable name you want to use.

I guess not, you can also get it to create a new loop variable by creating a second loop in your subprogram, thereby forcing Loop_2 to appear.

Personally, I would just create your own loop variable and use the loop condition box and manually increment the count.

Hi Terryc,

Thank you for the suggestion!

I should have added that the loops are already not a counter and they’re both expression loops. I also had the “Keep SubProgram File Updated with this Program” box checked. Deselecting this for both subprograms fixed the issue for me.

I did want to keep these subprograms updated across all programs that use them, but i guess ill settle for this fix for now.

Right on, sometimes you get a tick box freebie haha