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Multiple keyboards

Hello all,

I would like to create multiple JTextFields, but run into the following problem and I can’t find the error.
When I fill in one textfield the others automatically get this value too. Both in the keyboard and the variable.

Maybe you guys know how to solve this?


Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


It looks like you are setting the same DataModel Key for both CallBacks, is this what you are intending to do?
If they are supposed to be two separate values; then you should have two different DataModel keys for each (the key in this case is INSTELLEN_STARTVERTRAGING).
I do not see the “getInstellenFieldDraad()” function but if it is the same as the “getInstellenField()” function then you are only saving one variable and using it in both textfields.

Also make sure the String you use for the keys are different or you will still run into the same issue for example:
KEY1 = “string1” and KEY2 = “string1” will give you the same error.
KEY1 = “string1” and KEY2 = “string2” will work as it should.

The key was indeed what I had overlooked.

That the keys had to be a different string was new to me and solved the problem! Thank you so much for your help!

Best regards,