Moveit with ursim

Hello, recently I tried to test Moveit on ursim, and my solutions are as follows:

My Environment:

  • docker
  • ROS Distro: foxy

Steps to test:

  1. Firstly, referring from Universal_Robots_ROS2_Driver/ur_robot_driver/resources/ursim_driver , I created two containers, one for ursim, another for experiments.
  2. Then i run ros2 launch ur_bringup ur_type:=ur5e robot_ip:= use_fake_hardware:=false launch_rviz:=false to start the robot driver and controllers, connect to the ursim.
  3. After that, using Moveit2 package, I wrote code to implement pose tracking, expect to control the movement of the robot arm with the handle. But it failed. When i moved the handle, the robot didn’t move at all.

What do you think may have caused the experiment to fail? I check the output of some topics, like /joint_trajectory_controller/joint_trajectory, it looks normal. I am very confused that if the ursim doesn’t support URPositionHardwareInterface