MoveIt! 2 Python example

I try to write a simple MoveIt2 script to navigate the robot to a certain position in the base coordinate system. Since i want to use python for it and the MoveIt! 2 tutorial has only exampels for ROS1 or ROS2 in C++ i struggle to get started with it.

Can anyone suggest me a tutorial which includes Universal Robots, Python, MoveIt2 and ROS2 Humble?
Even better would be a running example code.

Thanks in advance!

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It might be confusion from my side, but don’t you literally link to an example with the Python interface?
MoviIt2 supports Universal Ronbots, but install the ROS2 driver from GitHub - UniversalRobots/Universal_Robots_ROS2_Driver: Universal Robots ROS2 driver supporting CB3 and e-Series
This repo also have a nice guide how to do this. Good luck.

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thanks for your answer.

Yes the link goes to a Python interface.
But as i understand, this Python interface is just working for ROS-I, right? And for MoveIt2, Python is not working yet.

Yes i already installed the UR Package, but i struggle to write my own skript including this packe. E.g. to do the same movements than in the MoveIt2 tutorial but change the Pandas arm to a UR.

Looks like the Python Interface will be released by end of October 20222 for Moveit2