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Move and release simultaneously


I am a student and fairly new at programming with the UR. My question is;
is there a way for the gripper to release while the robot arm is moving. So that the gripper releases while the arm moves from A to B. Currently the only thing i get working is moving to a point, stopping, releasing, and then continue. I want to release while the arm is moving.

The robot i am using is UR3e

Thank you!


i would consider using a thread for this, so that your gripper action is wrapped in a thread which is executed while the robot is moving. you can either use the built-in thread Node for getting familiar with it or define a thread using URScript.

I would probably do this with a seperate thead, and have a waypoint defined in the area I want to drop the part. To determine when to drop I would use pose_dist to calculate the distance from get_actual_tcp_pose() to the waypoint defined in the area I want to drop the part. Then you can set a radius for in which the robot should be when dropping the part.

The thread I would only activate before starting the move which will bring the robot over the drop area, and then have the thread stop itself again when the part has been dropped. In the thread I would use a 0.1-0.2 second wait, or let it run as fast as possible with a sync() to avoid problems, depending on how accurate you need the robot to drop the part.