Modbus/IO-Link - Problem with configuring IO

I’m haveing hard time configuring IO on the UR10 with MODBUS.
Im using UR10 with Keyence NQ-MP8L connected to UR10 by MODBUS and NQ-IL8P conneted to NQ-MP8L by IO-LINK
Outputs on IOLink module are on register 2049 and it’s working.
However I need to use some ports as inputs, so I cannot use register. I can’t also configure it as normal outputs because their maximum adress is 8096.
Does anybody know, What can I do?
I would really appreciate any help

Can you post a picture of your UR modbus setup screen?

Reading the manual for the NQ: When used as inputs, the ports are addressed as shown here:

Im not clear whether you can assign Input/Output function from the software or if you have to set the value via modbus at the addresses shown here:

I dont have any arduino code. I am not using that element, but i know the int can be sent over MODBUS/TCP.

Looks like this library commands/examples should get you there. You are wanting to write a holding register.
Then on the UR modbus setup, you need to give it your master address and then setup the register

Hi m.ricchino,
Thank for your reply. Below are pictures of my modbus configuration.

My main problem was that i couldn’t set outputs on the UR side (the indeź was too big).
Now I reallized that I can accually use the register, because even when i set “0” signal on port that is used as input, I will read the value of the input.