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Modbus and ProfiNet at the same time possible?


We are planning a packing solution to put some bottles into a carton.
Therefore, we want to install a Stepper or Servo Motor. To do that, we want to communicate with the controller with the ProfiNet Protocol.

Just in case, that we need an extension of the E/A Board, which is done over the Modbus Protocol. Would that be possible? Or should we do the communication with the Stepper / Servo Controller also over the Modbus Protocol?

Hope there is some help out there😊

Hi @FrankBritten ,

This post gives you some info.

But please pay attention to a difference that UR robots only act as “server” in Profinet but could be “client” or “server” in Modbus TCP so please be sure that you want the robot to be a server or client.

According to your description, I guess your robot should be a client to send requests to your stepper/ servo motor, right? If so, your robot cannot be a “client” when using Profinet protocol.


Hi @sya

thanks for that fast responce. I think I will go for Modbus, so the comunication will be the same bus-system.

Sorry that I did not use the ssearch function, I was looking for stepper control:-)

Before you setting on Modbus be aware that if you are using the UR client, there are some devices that it doesn’t seem to work with. I haven’t had any luck talking to a Cognex camera or Kollmorgen AKD drive over Modbus.