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Maximum Allowable Payload and CoG

We are designing a de-palletizing application for a pharma company using a UR16e. What we are trying to figure out is if the maximum payload is going to be an issue for the size of the box that we are dealing with. Each box weighs 11.2 kg and the dimensions are 790x240mmxH315mm. Our end effector is a COVAL vacuum gripper that weighs 2 kg. The CoG of the EOAT plus the box is close to 225mm from the tool flange. This puts it right on the Max. Payload vs CoG offset curve in Section 4.4 of the manual.

What potential issues can arise out of this configuration? We do not plan on rotating the box since it is just a depalletizing application, does that give us more room for payload at the given CoG offset?

As long as you are within spec you should be fine. The fact that your orientation is always tool down helps you to be able to provide good performance even at full load. Typically the more payload being carried, the slower you can accelerate the robot, Being tool down provides the best possible scenario for this situation if your COG is close to the center of the tool flange in the tool xy direction.