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Limit number of children node

Hi all,

Where should i look at to limit the number of children node for a parent node?

Thank you!

There is no hard limit, but adding more than few hundred nodes makes UI really slow. Are you experiencing, and particular faults?

Hi @mmi

I am intending to limit the number of children node my URcap application can produce for each parent node. I am Not experiencing any form of slow UI or faults.


Hello @colin.lee and @mmi,

This is something where I’m also interested in.
Does anyone of you or someone else have an example to fix this?

Thanks in advance,

I’m not clear about your question but you can count your child Nodes created with the programNodeFactory and use the setChildSequenceLocked method of the Parent TreeNode after you reached the limit of child notes you wanted.

@m.birkholz I’m looking for an example to set a max of e.g. 10 waypoints in one MoveNode.

You May find the Ellipse example helpful as it creates multiple waypoints inside a Loop. Just add a counter variable and call the setchildsequencelocked Method and it should work :slight_smile: