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JComboBox bug in e-Series Toolbar

I’ve found a very strange behavior of JCoboBox components in the ToolbarContribution. The exact same configuration in the InstallationView works fine. All the following is related for sure to the simulator (v5.1), but I’m not able to check it on real e-Series robot.

The attached pictures let you get the point: if I have to few elements inside the JComboBox, its panel falls in background w.r.t. the Toolbar (in the example I have removed just one “very”). Additionally, if I move the JComboBox a bit down, it becomes hidden even if it has fewer elements inside.

I guess it is related to the simulator window margins: if the popup exceeds the height of the window, for some reason it is shown correctly.

Can I assume that it is a simulator bug only?

This is indeed a bug, and have been reproduced and reported.

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This bug should be resolved with the latest release. (5.2)

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