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Is there a way to set visible or invisible an html input in java

Hello everyone,

I need your help for set visible or invisible an html Input.
I have try with a Div but I know than the Input doesn’t support the “setvisible” parameter.

If somebody have the answer to this problem I will be really thankful if he can help me.

Best regards,


Any of your HTML components on the Java side allows the setVisible() method.
E.g. an input text field like;

@Input(id = "someID")
private InputTextField myTextField;

Then, you can toggle this by myTextField.setVisible(false)

All HTML components like DivComponent and InputTextField are extending the HTMLComponent interface:

public interface HTMLComponent {

	void setEnabled(boolean value);
	boolean isEnabled();

	void setVisible(boolean value);
	boolean isVisible();

Well I did this

Html side=
<input type="button id=“modename” value=“Mode” style=“width:100px”/>

Java side=
@Input(id = “modename”)
private InputTextField ModeName;

ModeName.setVisible(false); on the openview() and I got my error exactly at this line.

At least in the code you posted, it seems you are missing an ending "-mark for the type of the HTML input element.
<input type="button id=“modename” value=“Mode” style=“width:100px”/> :-1:
<input type="button" id=“modename” value=“Mode” style=“width:100px”/> :+1:

Oh god I really need to wash my eyes… Thanks for your help …