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Is there a way to rename general puprose register names from a installation contribution?

Hi there,

under Polyscop → Installtion → General → IO Setup,

I am able to rename general purpose (Boolean, Integer and Float) registers, I also noticed that the changes are saved in the .installation file.

From an installation contribution I can access renamed general pupose registers through IOModel.getIOs(), but only renamed IOs.

If I don’t have renamed the ios I don’t get them through IOMOdel.getIOs().

My intention was to rename the general purpose register I use in my URCap trough the UrCapInstallation to have proper IO naming.

I have considered loading the .installation file and change the io names directly, but I think it’s a bad approach.

Is there another way to rename the IOs from the API?

I’ve asked this question before, and the closest answer I got was “use the RTDE” which seems like the go-to answer on these forums haha! But since I don’t know how to do that, it didn’t really help. I really wish you had access to all GPIO through Java, but as you’re seeing, it can only access named IO, which is basically pointless