Is it possible to turn on the LEDs on the wrist camera on a UR3?

Hey everyone,

I am not sure if the topic is correct. I am doing a school project right now where we try to detect 3D printed letters and sort them into boxes. We try to detect them based on their shape with a python script. Now we have the problem that the lighting in our room isn’t the best and the contours of the object can’t be detected correctly everytime.

So is it possible to turn on the LEDs of the wrist camera by URScript or turn it on manual permanetly? By looking up the manuel there should be a botton for advanced camera setting, but we dont have this button. For me its looks like that the manual describe it with an e-Series product. Is it even possible on a UB3 series product? We are using a UR3 with firmware 3.15.6 and the wrist camera with firmware 1.11.3.

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This question would be better for the manufacturer of the camera. You should reach out to their support team to assist you with this issue. They may also have a different user manual for using their product with a CB3 robot and that specific firmware revision.