Is it possible to get robot state in socket TCP\IP communication?

Hey I am trying to use a camera to see and move the UR5 robot in a remote fashion via PC .
1.Which communication should I use? socket TCP/IP or the RTDE ?
2. In case of socket TCP\IP ,is it possible to receive state data of a robot ?
3. In case of RTDE, will it everytime require manual setup of the robot when I try to use the robot?.

Also incase of RTDE, how to connect the robot to the pc?.
I have the recipe configuration file and gave the IP address of robot to the PC which are in the same network. The urcap file is loaded into the robot and It is in play mode. The teach pendant is in local mode. When I try to run the python script, I get the output as ‘none’ in the file. What’s wrong here. Please let me know how to overcome this issue. I’m working on this issue for weeks now.

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