Interfacing of UR10e

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to make interfacing directly via REST or SOAP or something else?

Herewith, I would be grateful if you recommend me which software interface to use for sending the program to the robot and exchange I/O values.

Thanks in advance.


UR controllers are provided with several communication protocols on TCP/IP like Primary Interface, Dashboard Server, RTDE, …
For sending programs, you can either send URScript on the Primary Interface socket or send a program urp file in the robot via SFTP.

See : Overview of client interfaces - 21744

If you don’t want to develop these protocols, you can use a library that does the implementation, like this one.

Thanks a lot.

Another question, is it possible to use 2 interfaces together? For example to send script (the program including waypoints, payloads, etc.) from the primary interface and control the robot real time values (I/O’s, joint position, etc.) via RTDE?

Yes, you can use simultaneously several protocols.
Several clients can even connect to these interfaces at the same time.

Thank you very much.