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[IMPLEMENTED] JList and JScrollPane

As a UR+ developer for YouRing product, I would like ability to display some data in list and let the user to scroll the list with a Scroll Pane, this would be useful for selecting the predefined configuration of the Leds for YouRing.

The functionality needed for this feature request could be described as the possibility to display a list of elements and scroll them through a scroll pane. An idea could be to extend the already present SelectDropDownList.


Thank you for this feature request, regarding the ability to create a list in the GUI.
The list should be scroll-able if there are more items than the height of the element.

Other developers, who find this feature request relevant for their own development are welcome to contribute.
Either by liking the above post, or by elaborating with their own use case below.

This feature request is now considered implemented!
Check out the release of PolyScope 5.0 and PolyScope 3.6 - and the SDK 1.3.55.