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Impedane control

Hello, I have a question regarding implementation of an impedance control on the UR10e using the UR-hardware controller. I’m using Matlab to design the Impedance controller.
how is it possible to install this designed controller on the robot, or is it possible?
thank you

I suppose you want to drive the robot in speed with a calculation from Matlab.
To do this, you need the force measurement either the one estimated by the robot or from an external force sensor.
In any case, you need to have a high speed link between Matlab and the robot to both get the force/position measurements and send commands to it.
You can use RTDE or Primary Interface for the communication.
Either you develop these protocols in Matlab or you use a library that does it for you.

Have a look at this : UR5 Control Using Matlab - File Exchange - MATLAB Central

You can also see this library because you can call .NET function with Matlab : https://underautomation.com

Thank you for responding. actually my goals in this project is:
make the robot hand-guided. I could use the force control mode but this would only allow me to move the robot in one direction, I need all of them. additionaly i want to get a kind of force feedback from another robot, so i want to be able to execute commands on this robot even if i can guide it manually.
this is something i can do as far as i know, with an impedance control (cartesian impedance control)