Controlling a servo motor


I am working on a project where we are cutting out a product with a UR10e. To be able to reach we will have to rotate the product in four different positions and the plan is to use a servo motor.

My question is: What will I need to be able to control a servo motor with a UR10e? Will I need something in between the controller of the motor and the UR controller?

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DIY - You can certainly find servo motors and a drive, but you’ll need to communicate to the drive via tcp, serial, or something. Im not sure if anyone in urcommunity has found a manufactured servo that can interface directly with UR control box. I could be wrong maybe someone else can answer this.

SUPPLIER - Find an off the shelf plug and play solution. I may be biased here but have you seen [Machine Controller 2 and Pendant | Vention](https://Vention Machine Motion Controller V2), this may close to what you are looking for (I am in no way affiliated, sponsored, or whatever so take with a grain of salt there may be other systems that can do what you are trying to achieve)

Anyways hope that helps, and best of luck!

if you are going the DIY route then my first recommendation is ask your UR distributor if there is a product they support. This way you have local support. In general, you can’t coordinate the motion between the robot and external servo. You would command the servo to a preset position and then query it to make sure it got there and then do the work with the robot. So a servo controller that has a modbus/tcp server interface would work. If it supports tcp sockets communication that could be managed too.

The ideal thing might be one of our URplus partners that has a URcap for their servo to make integration easier. If you go to the URplus section of our web site and use the filter ProductCategories → ExternalAxisMotion you will find a few different offerings. IGUS has a rotary indexing table that might be just what you are looking for :
UR+ | External Rotary Axis powered by igus for Universal Robots
There are others.

If you have no previous experience using servos then I recommend finding a supplier that can provide local support.

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Thank you for your replies!

If I understand this correclty, since I want to four predetermined positions to go to every time, I could program these positions in the servo controller and then trigger them via Ethernet/IP or Profinet from Polyscope.

Then I would need a servo with a controller that can communicate via Ethernet/IP or Profinet and is able to set up preset positions that can be triggered. So basically the hard part is to find a suitable servo controller.

I will need to control two servos in this project, so to bring down the costs I guess I would want to find a product that doesn’t have any extra features like full control of the servo, since I only want to trigger presets in the servo.