I cannot find default URCaps installed in Polyscope

Good morning,

I am using a UR5e, with Polyscope version 5.12. I was trying to implement the demo proposed in this video from the Universal Robots Youtube channel (How to Program a Pick and Place Application with a Robot Gripper - YouTube), but at the moment there are some URCaps missing from the list. They seem to be default URCaps, but they are not present. The list of the missing ones is the following: Collision Detection, Find Surface, Finishing Tool Control, Force Control, Insertion, Path Generation, Multipoint Path, Path, Zero FT Sensor and Cam Location. I am not sure whether they were on a platform before.
How can I have them installed in my Teach Pendant? I have downloaded the URCap SDK from the UR website, but I am not sure if I am supposed to install it, as I am not interested in developing new ones, but simply in getting the default ones.
If this post is not a proper fit for this topic, could you point me to the right place where to address my query?


That is not Universal Robots’ YouTube channel, but Robotiq’s YouTube channel. Robotiq is a manufacturer of tools for robots in general and is not directly associated with Universal Robots.

The URCap SDK is something entirely different.

As far as I can understand from your post, you have a Robotiq gripper installed and the associated URCaps for that gripper.
However, most of the URCaps you mentioned are meant for other Robotiq tools (Wrist Camera and F/T sensor), but I can see how it’s confusing that they are installed in the video.

The only URCap you are missing might be “Find Surface”, but I’m pretty sure it’s installed for their F/T sensor. Which makes it weird that they are showing it in their video, yes.
You can achieve the same result with the built-in command in PolyScope “Direction”, if you pick the option “Until Tool Contact”. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any other questions.