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How to use input arguments of a generated ScriptFuction?

Hello everyone!

I worked through the Script function example and I could already create my own Script function. I am having problems by getting the input arguments of my function into java. For example, we have the add(p1,p2) like in the example. How can I get p1 and p2 into java, so I can use them in java?

You must use a daemon to be able to read the values in the java world, so in your function add (p1,p2)
you must call your daemon, the values are stored in the daemons memory or somewhere else and from the java client you call the daemon to retrieve the value p1 p2, Think it as client, server, robot.
Client (GUI) --> Server(Daemon) <-- Robot

The communication between the Client and the Robot must be bridged by the Daemon, look at the daemon example to get started.