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How to move after movep without stopping?

If use a move like movel or movej after a movep with blend radius r>0 the robot performs a sudden stop. How can I obtain a smooth motion after a movep? The opposite is possible, in fact I have a movej with blend radius followed by a movep without stops.

Hi @a.mora

You can not blend from a movep to a movej. You can use speedj to make the trajectory to a target set of joint angles. On the e-Series you might be able to use the online path offset to program a behavior that suits your needs.

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Thanks for the answer! I’m not sure to understand the two possible solutions:

  1. speedj is used to accelerate up to a certain speed, how can I use it to reach a set of joint angles?

  2. Do you mean I should use the online path offset to build the whole trajectory?

If you are using the time parameter. You can make speed continue with the speed for a certain amount of time. If you are targetting to make a “rectangular” speed profile the pseudo code would look like this:

j_target = [J0,J1,J2,J3,J4,J5]  #your target joint angles
move_time = X #your traveling time seconds
j_speed = (j_target-get_actual_joint_positions())/move_time
speedj(j_speed , HIGH_ACCELERATION, move_time ) 

I would also consider making a less jerking speed profile. And then you need to implement the joint angles subtraction.