How to have an configurable output automatically be "high" upon startup

Hello all,

There is a dryve that is connected to our UR, and I was wondering if there was anyway in the program settings I could keep it on/high at all times. Upon startup immediately, and then remain on whether it’s running, paused, or whatever it may be. Thank you

Hi @jerrod.hess, Do you ever actually need to turn it off? If not just wire it up directly between a 24v and GND pin.

Hi @ajp , I already have an external device hooked up to that port. Is there another method of going about doing so? Thanks

Maybe I’m totally missing the mark here, but you can’t really “already use” the 24v and 0v terminals. As long as you aren’t drawing more than 2A total out of them, you can power whatever you want off it. Just shove another set of wires into the terminal. Or land them in with the conveyer tracking 24 and 0 that you’re already using. Or if you want it to be a little cleaner, use WAGOs or bell caps I guess.

Alternatively you could just connect it up between any other free 24V and 0V terminals on any of the other CI/CO or DI/DO connectors. Just pay attention to your max current as Eric says.