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How to get Script Files to show up in programs folder from USB

Hi, I currently have my script files on my usb along with my cap, but I am not sure what I need to add to my code to get them to automatically show up in the /programs/ folder. Does anyone know how to solve this? I’m sure it is a simple fix.

Karsten Sladky

Hi @ksladky

In what screen, are you trying to load the .script files?
In the Load menu, you can typically toggle which file extensions to see.

Hi @jbm, thank you for the rapid response here. I managed to phrase that question wrong. I suppose what I meant to ask is how can I get the script files to automatically load into the programs folder instead of having to add the /usbdisk/ extension to my path in java? I want the URCap to be able to run properly without the USB after first loading it, but I cant figure out how to make it possible for the cap to access those script files without the USB plugged in. I hope that makes more sense? Let me know if there is something I can do to make that work.

Thanks Again!!