How to bring up ur5e with calibration info included

Hi, im new to ROS, UR robots and also devian. please help.

currently im trying to connect my UR5e with ROS noetic following the tutorial on

I have succeeded in connecting my robot with out specifing the calibration file
but when i try it with calibration file it gives me an error saying
The following input files do not exist: kinematics_config:/ur5e_calibration.yaml

I have saved my calibration file under Home directory named ur5e_calibration.yaml

its probably very basic thing im doing wrong but im stuck…
This is the command i input and the scripts comming out…

hmi-11-01@hmi1101-NUC11PHi7:~$ roslaunch ur_robot_driver ur5e_bringup.launch robot_ip:= \kinematics_config:$(HOME)/ur5e_calibration.yaml
HOME: command not found
Usage: roslaunch [options] [package] [arg_name:=value…]
roslaunch [options] […] [arg_name:=value…]

If is a single dash (’-’), launch XML is read from standard input.

roslaunch: error: The following input files do not exist: kinematics_config:/ur5e_calibration.yaml

Your shell command seems to contain a couple of errors:

  • The backslash seems not to make any sense there. In the example, this is used to bring the example command into two lines. You can write everything into one line, though
  • when expanding variables like HOME use curly brackets → ${HOME}
  • ROS parameters should be passed with the := syntax

If your ur5e_calibration.yaml is placed inside your home folder, the following should work:

roslaunch ur_robot_driver ur5e_bringup.launch robot_ip:= kinematics_config:=${HOME}/ur5e_calibration.yaml

Hi, mauch
thank you for helping me out!
your suggestion worked out perfectly!