How do you define Command: Thread

Hello guys hope y’all doing great. I am kinda confused with the Thread.

I am getting ready to be a Certified Trainer and there is a common question I get in my core training, many people ask me what Thread is.

I would tell them it is a parallel process to the robot program, it can be used to control an external machines like conveyor.

and they get more confused.

Is there any other way to explain what Thread is?

People who attend my training are most likely beginners.

Thank you and have a great day !


when i tell my collegs how it works, i told them first, that a main Programm only can work from the top , step for step, down to the end and start again.
so if there is anythink happend in the time you need some prozess that can work without the main program, so as a single programm in the background.
after that your scentence make more sense for your guys and girls.

Just draw some basic block-diagram with a process being done with a thread vs a subprogram call.
Then make it run (both versions) and let them see the difference.
For beginners in programming is quite hard to understand some concepts (specially if they don’t have a background in something similar either) but they catch up quite fast with visual examples.

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