How can I send blended movej/movej commands?


I’m sending urscript commands to move the robot around. This works fine if I just move from pose to pose. I now want to follow a trajectory with some blending.
For blending, the robot has to know at least the next two waypoints but I have found no way to pass a list of poses.

How can I do that?

You will need to send a program with multiple motions, instead of just single line script commands.


def motions():
   movej([jp0], a0, v0, r=0.1)
   movej([jp1], a1, v1, r=0.1)
   movej([jp2], a2, v2, r=0.1)
   movej([jp3], a3, v3)

Where jpx is the respective joint angles (could also be a pose), and ax and vx is the respective speed and acceleration.

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thanks, got it running.