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How can I get TCP pose ( all 6 axis) using Socket or RTDE?

According to what I have googled, there are three ways to get tcp pose on a remote computer.

Question :Can some one elaborate on how to get tcp pose using RTDE ?
Request :Can someone help with code to get TCP pose on remote PC ?

RTDE is the preferred method, but the samples are currently only available for Python, what language are you using? Have you tried out the samples in the attachment at the bottom of this page?


I think many of the articles on that zacrobria site are out of date. If you can extract the xyz from the real time port, the rx ry rz shouldn’t be much harder, but you may find the bytestream format has changed since that article was written. You can find an updated (but not completely up to date) list of the values in the realtime byte stream in the spreadsheet at the bottom of this page: