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Hole alignment for rivetage

Hello everybody,

I try to set up a riveting action with a UR10. I am having some difficulty, I cannot get the coverings through when the holes are not perfectly aligned, knowing that the holes 3.4mm in diameter and the rivets 3.3mm in diameter.

Do you have any suggestions for me?

hank you in advance for your ideas.



You can use the internal Force-Mode of the UR to make a small spiral movement. The Force mode would be lined up with the tool direction. With currently measuring the TCP-Force you can check for any significant changes in the tool direction. Once you have detected the hole your program can continue as intended.

Here having an eSeries robot is big benefit, as it has a F/T-sensor build in the tool already. This gives you a far more sensitive measurement, than on the blank CB-Series.

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