HELP with robot movement!

Hello there!

Can anyone help me with how to switch off the output and then move to the home position?
For example: When my code comes to an end, I need the tool to switch off the Output and go back to the home position.

What I am currently doing is, going to Installation → I/O config → setting the output to High when running and low when stopped and adding HALT at the end of the code.

But then I have to manually go to the code and get it to waypoint 1.

Can anyone suggest an efficient way to include the whole thing in the code?

Maybe I’m totally misunderstanding, but at the end of your program, can’t you just use the Set command to turn off the tool IO and then use the Home instruction to drive it home before halting?

I tried that but the output for switching it off isn’t showing up.

You may have to assign it a name in the I/O setup before it shows up in the set command. Otherwise you should definitely be able to use the script command:


Are you on a CB series and using polyscope? Under the robot program code there’s a button to make the window bigger and smaller. If you make it smaller, more options will show up when you’re using the set command.