Global Plane / TCP

I want to define a plane, e.g. the table top and refer in several programs and setups to that same plane. I use the “global plane” to define several planes for each individual jig.
When the global plane changes, because our tabletop is moved, the reference should be changed automatically in every program / setup, so that the induvitial planes for the jigs move reletive to the global plane.
Same situation with the TCP of our deburring tool. We use the same tool in many setups. If that TCP changed, how to change this in every program automatically?

I thougt of a pose varible that is stored in a seperate file, and every setup referes to that variable stored in the file. So if I change the file, the global plane and so other stuff is changed automatically. Is this possible?

Can someone suggest the common way to do that?

Thanks in advance